Memberships are free! You just need:

  • Valid state ID, passport, or driver’s license
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Proof of your local address

Rental Rates

New Releases: $4 for 2 days
Catalog Titles: $2.75 for 5 days
Kids Movies & movies under an hour: $1.75 for 5 days
Adult Movies: $4.50 for 5 days

Return Date

Sunday through Thursdays movies are due by 11pm. Friday and Saturday nights movies are due by midnight.

Late Fees and Other Fines

New Releases: $2/day
Catalog Titles: $1/day
$1.75 rentals: $.50/day
Unrewound tapes are charged 25 cents
Unreturned movies are charged to on file credit cards or referred to a collection agency after 30 days.

Specials and Discounts

  • 2 for 1 Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Rent a new release, get a catalog title free. Rent a catalog title get another catalog title free. No free new releases or adult titles.
  • Rent 10 movies, the 11th is free! We keep up with this in our system and will let you know when you are up for a free one.
  • $1 Credit on New Releases returned a day early. Not applicable with any other discounts.
  • Student Discount Thursday: 15% off all rentals with a valid student ID.
  • Amnesty Day: 1st of the month, if you pay half your late fees, we will erase the other half.
  • Education discount: Teachers, using rentals for class, get half off with an educator’s ID.
  • Austin Film Society Members: Rent 1 Get 1 Free on Mondays
  • Go Local cards save you 10% on rentals

Ask a Vulcan

Yes, we have a limited stock of new stuff and heaping helpings of lightly used DVDs and VHS.

We got some of those new-fangled “t-shirts”, posters, snacks, stickers, buttons, and other film-based goodness.
New releases are $2/day (the exact same as renting it for an extra day).
Older titles are $1.00/day
Children’s movies and movies under 60 minutes are 50¢/day
In order to rent, late fees have to be paid down to $8.00. That means you can still rent if you have fees under $8.00! Aren’t we nice.
If you’ve built up a hefty sum, Amnesty day is on the first of every month. You get half off your late fees if you come by.

Yes, it is located next to the door. It is only open when we are closed, otherwise run the movies inside.

New releases are due two days after renting. If you bring a new release that you paid for back a day early, you get a dollar credit on your account.
Old releases are due 5 days after renting.
If in doubt, your copy of the store receipt has the due date under the title.
All movies are due before midnight.
We are all a bunch of big nerds, so check out the employee’s pick section or ask an employee. Also, be sure to check our blog for recommendations, reviews, movie marathons, etc.
We make it deliberately confusing because we’re lonely and could use the company. Just ask and we’ll lead you to your desired film.

Our South Austin store is at 4411 Russell Dr., right adjacent to Blazer Tag in the Southwood Shopping Center. Map to the South store.

If you’ve got money, we have a vast array of drinks and snacks for sale.
Please. We like animals. We even have dog treats.
Our online database does not say what is in stock, please call to check before you come in.
We need a current government issued ID and a debit or credit card. If your ID doesn’t have your current address, bring in proof of address like a bill or piece of mail. We do accept membership from out of town.
Come in on the first of the month and you get 1/2 off your late fee.
Come by the store and let us know. We’ll exchange it for something else or put a credit on your account. If you don’t tell us it’s broken, we won’t know to fix it.
Whoospy, our bad. Come by the store and let us know. We’ll exchange it for something else or put a credit on your account.
No, we only take wooden nickels. Yes, of course we do. Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX. We also take check cards as long as they have a credit card logo on them. Better luck next time Diner’s Club.
Yes, the last two things you can pay with checks are your rent and your Vulcan Video bill.
Available in any denomination, our gift cards are guaranteed to make total film nerds giddy.
Yes, we would love to rent your cinematic opus to the unsuspecting public, contact
Chances are you’re still in the matrix; if not we can start an account for you quick smart, chop chop.

Contact us at Don’t worry, we’ll work it out.

Yes, we can add them when you’re in the store or over the phone, but we cannot rent to them if they just have your license.
We run on DOS. We don’t have the inclination, time, or technical ability to sell any of your info. And that’s a promise.