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Specializing in foreign, cult, and classic movies.

Vulcan Video is a family-owned, independent video store with two locations in Austin, Texas.

From foreign, cult, and classic films to the latest new releases, Vulcan Video carries everything from the dimly remembered to the well loved. While primarily a rental store, Vulcan has many used and new movies for sale.

#HORRORDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
1-ICHIDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
100 FEETDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
100 FEETDVDHorror and FantasticNorth
100 YEARS OF HORRORDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
100 YEARS OF HORROR: COMPLETE COLL.DVDHorror and FantasticNorth
11.22.63DVDHorror and FantasticSouth
13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS / 13 GHOSTSDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
13 GAME OF DEATHDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
13 GHOSTSDVDHorror and FantasticNorth
13 SINSDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
1408DVDHorror and FantasticSouth
1408DVDHorror and FantasticNorth
2001 MANIACSDVDHorror and FantasticNorth
2001 MANIACSDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMSDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMSDVDHorror and FantasticNorth
2012 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSEDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
23:59DVDHorror and FantasticSouth
28 WEEKS LATERDVDHorror and FantasticNorth
3 EXTREMESDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
3 EXTREMES 2DVDHorror and FantasticSouth
3 STEPS TO HEAVENDVDHorror and FantasticSouth
301/302DVDHorror and FantasticSouth
31BLUHorror and FantasticSouth
31DVDHorror and FantasticNorth

Hours & Rates

Monday-Thursday: 10:30 AM to Midnight
Friday and Saturday: 10:30 AM to Midnight
Sunday: Noon to Midnight
Hours may change due to holidays and special occasions.

New Releases: $4 for 2 days
Catalog Titles: $2.75 for 5 days
Kids Movies & movies under an hour: $1.75 for 5 days
Adult Movies: $4.50 for 5 days

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2 for 1 Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Rent a new release, get a catalog title free. Rent a catalog title get another catalog title free. No free new releases or adult titles.

Student Discount Thursday: 15% off all rentals with a valid student ID.

Amnesty Day: 1st of the month, if you pay half your late fees, we will erase the other half.

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